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Prepare for a Breakthrough…

  Why "Breakthrough"? That's easy! We hope to enable breakthroughs for new creators, new characters, and new concepts. We hope to make breakthroughs in the field of online comics with an entire universe of characters launching in the digital medium. There are plenty of "Beakthroughs" to choose from. Just take your pick!

  Project Breakthrough will be a digital anthology exploring the creation of an all-new SSU, or "Simplified Shared Universe". What does this mean? All the fun of a super-human "world" without the mind-numbing crossover events, improbable "who's-related-to-who", and stories that you can't follow without buying titles you don't like.

  Essentially... it's a shared universe, simplified!

  While our goal is to offer material on par with any given title you'd see on the shelves, we're hoping to do it in a way that truly engages new readers and entertains veterans. We want you to be there from the beginning, and we want you to enjoy the ride.

  After all, these are your new heroes.

  Watch this space for more information as it becomes available, and thank you for stopping by!