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News & Updates…
In Comics in Color... April Fool!
No, this isn't a joke! April Fool, along with Strong Suit, is one of Old Soul's closest friends. She's dopey and fickle... well, at least until the exact moment someone or some thing says "April Fool's!" and your criminal scheme comes crashing down around you. She's been one step ahead the entire time, and you thought she couldn't walk and chew gum!

CLICK HERE to download the FREE #0 issue of "Puny Mortals"! Nine pages of story! Full color! All awesome! This new look at a world of super-humans shows what happens to the puny mortals who come close to greatness.

Richard Snad is an average man who just got his shot at becoming the next great hero... didn't he? Follow his descent into obsession and see what becomes of those who grasp at power!

The first In Comics comic is in!

(Sorry, I had to say it.)

In Comics in Color... Ghost Orchid!
This back-from-the-dead girl detective isn't content to stand idly by while crimes go uninvestigated! With her somewhat malleable form and an ability to see through the eyes of others, Ghost Orchid is In Comics' spirit of justice!

In Comics in Color... Strong Suit!
Old Soul's Pal, Strong Suit, is a fellow "legacy hero" inheriting the crimefighting profession from his Uncle, Power Suit. However, our young friend here is a bit flummoxed by technology and gadgets, so he prefers to keep both feet on the ground and hit things.

In Comics in Color... Yellow Jack!
This is Yellow Jack, a care-free, swashbuckling, psychopathic murderer. His personality is infectious! ... But no, really, he'll give you a pretty serious infection...

In Comics in Color... The Bum!
He's not really homeless, it's just his "thing"... The Bum is a mean-spirited, cruel villain. Along with several other unusual suspects, he might be responsible for the death of Inchworm's mentor! Can she take him down and find out what, if anything, he knows about the crime? Not if his array of gimmick weapons from exploding bean cans to gas-releasing cigars have anything to say about it.